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Is Your Financial Institution's Information on a "Scraper Site" Without Your Permission?

We have been alerted that there is a sophisticated website, www.ccbank.us, that aggregates information regarding hundreds of financial institutions. While “scraper websites” like this are often not a security risk, it appears that this website consolidates and offers information relating to various services that the institution may provide, including, online banking instructions and wire transfer information. Further, the website appears to use each institution’s name, proprietary logo, screenshots, and exact language from the institution’s website describing the institution and services provided. However, it appears that not all information provided on the site is accurate and up-to-date. Moreover, it utilizes well placed advertisements to other third party websites providing banking or similar services. In our opinion, this website appears to be designed to mislead consumers based on the strategic placement of those advertisements in order to generate revenue. Your financial institution should determine whether your information is listed on this, or any similar “scraper” site and whether it violates any of your financial institutions’s proprietary rights or otherwise may negatively impact your reputation. We recommend you consult with your IT department and counsel to discuss steps to reduce and/or mitigate potential risk associated with such sites.