Governance includes all documents, policies and procedures that legally define and organize a company. However, it goes beyond operations — by carefully adhering to corporate governance, you can prevent “piercing the corporate veil,” maintaining limitations of liability with subsidiaries, preventing negative feedback from regulatory examiners and much more.

SW&M attorneys regularly advise boards, board committees and executive officers on corporate governance issues, which can arise in any decision made by a financial institution. These can include:

  • Complex corporate transactions
  • Member/shareholder requests for information
  • Annual and special meetings
  • Executive sessions
  • Fiduciary duties
  • Meeting minutes
  • Elections
  • Privilege issues

Additionally, our attorneys regularly serve as parliamentarians for member/shareholder meetings and help craft resolutions to ensure proper observation of all corporate governance formalities.

Attorneys Practicing in Corporate Governance
Bill Adler
Senior Partner
Tim Oppelt
Priscilla Cervantes
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