SW&M is always happy to advise on coverage, policies, risk assessment, risk management, and business transactions. Over our decades of experience, we’ve found a particular need for legal support in insurance and bonding matters, in cases of loss as well as litigation.

When loss has occurred, SW&M attorneys can step in to provide careful support throughout the claims process, ensuring that all requirements are met and all procedures are followed to the letter. Our expert team knows how to review the facts, advise on the best coverages to pursue, put our client’s best foot forward, and prosecute financial institution bond claims to payment. We have helped clients successfully recover losses of all sizes, from $250,000 to $22 million.

In the litigation context, SW&M attorneys can help clients closely manage the counsel provided by their insurance company, to make sure the client’s best interests are upheld at all times. We also assist clients with litigation management.

Attorneys Practicing in Insurance Coverage And Policies
Bill Adler
Senior Partner
Joseph Garibyan
Bruce Pearson
Senior Counsel
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