Financial institution litigation is complex. Cases range from relatively small individual matters to large class actions involving thousands of people. The types of claims made against a financial institution can range from standard contract disputes to allegations of statutory violations or fraud-related claims.

SW&M addresses claims made against our clients and utilizes our familiarity with the plaintiffs’ lawyers who specialize in them. Many of these claims are covered by insurance, which entitles financial institutions to panel defense counsel hired by the insurer. SW&M works effectively with all types of panel counsel (including those employed by CUNA Mutual, FinSecure, Travelers, Lloyds, CNA and others) to achieve the best results for our clients.

We draw upon this history and broad experience to work closely with clients, and when needed, their panel counsel at all stages of the litigation process. While panel counsel must represent both the insurer and the insured institution, SW&M has only one focus — our client. We will collaborate with panel counsel to develop successful defense strategies, while also providing advisement on crucial insurance coverage issues that often drive strategy decisions.

Our experience includes all forms of litigation commonly brought against financial institutions. These can include board and management fiduciary duties, as well as employment matters — such as wrongful termination, harassment or discrimination. Consumer complaint litigation can involve collection matters, repossession forms and disclosures, payment ordering, loan rates, overdraft/NSF or fees – all of which we confidently provide assistance with.

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