SW&M attorneys have decades of experience in anticipating, preventing and mitigating the complications that can arise in regular day-to-day operations. From the most routine deposit or loan account to the most complex operational processes, we know that compliance and legal issues can, and do, come from any direction. The interrelation and constant evolution of various electronic and mobile systems create multiple angles that must be covered to ensure smooth operations and reduce risk.

Over the years, SW&M has worked closely with a wide range of clients to draft and implement effective operational policies and processes. We have assisted multiple institutions in resolving concerns as efficiently as possible. Our comprehensive support includes assisting clients with responding to document production requests, such as subpoenas and account levies; our expertise related to powers of attorney, trusts, decedent accounts and elder abuse is also invaluable. Additionally, we have opined on issues surrounding unclaimed property and escheat laws (including responding to escheat audits), as well as tax information return reporting.

Attorneys Practicing in Financial Services Operations
Bill Adler
Senior Partner
Raza Ali
Robert Wilkins
Alex Wade
Neal Butala
What Makes SW&M Unique?

In a few words: Focus, purpose, commitment and “fire in the belly”