SW&M has been the industry leader in credit union mergers for decades. We maintain this status by continuously staying current on all developments in the field – such as legal, regulatory, business and operational ramifications. Our performance includes hundreds of successful merger representations across various fields of membership — federal to federal, federal to state and state to federal.

SW&M attorneys navigate the complications and pitfalls of financial institution mergers amidst a constantly shifting regulatory landscape. We address matters of intellectual property rights, personnel, executive compensation, merger-related financial arrangements, data processing and related vendor agreements and post-merger integration with equal fluency. We collaborate with the client’s management and other experts early in the merger process, to identify and address potential issues. Details count; carefully negotiating employment arrangements to avoid violating tax laws or disclosure requirements, or simply drafting regulatory application forms, we are meticulous in ensuring smooth processing. We believe that communication is invaluable, especially in setting clear expectations about the process to help ease the minds of directors and other stakeholders. Throughout it all, SW&M’s rich knowledge, broad experience and dedicated support helps ensure an efficient and successful experience for our clients.

Attorneys Practicing in Mergers and Acquisitions
Steve Balian
Managing Partner
Cristina Miller
Tim Oppelt
Haley Rebel
Bill Adler
Senior Counsel
Jessica Klayman
What Makes SW&M Unique?

In a few words: Focus, purpose, commitment and “fire in the belly”