The privacy and cybersecurity fields are rapidly changing to keep up with growing technological advances and growing need for protection of consumer privacy rights. SW&M’s Privacy and Cybersecurity practice has been at the forefront of consumer privacy and cybersecurity trends. Our attorneys are regularly engaged by clients for assistance with developing, implementing and updating privacy and cybersecurity policies and compliance programs. We have also been successful in representing clients in cybersecurity incidents by facilitating consumer and regulatory notifications in all U.S. states and territories, helping clients secure insurance coverage and obtaining full recovery of losses from insurers and third parties responsible for the incident. Our attorneys are also regularly invited by financial industry organizations to present on privacy and cybersecurity topics at events and conferences such as the Credit Union National Association’s Regulatory Compliance Certification School.

Attorneys Practicing in Privacy and Cybersecurity
Haley Rebel
Joseph Garibyan
Jennifer Williams
Of Counsel
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