Over our history, SW&M has supported the business growth of hundreds of financial institutions in matters related to employment. Our attorneys focus on preventing issues through strategic planning and careful stewardship, working closely with clients to minimize or eliminate their exposure to liability and costly litigation.

Our Labor and Employment Law practice area covers the entire employment lifecycle, providing expert guidance and support for:

  • Developing and maintaining clear employment agreements and handbooks
  • Executive compensation and benefits plans, including deferred compensation arrangements
  • Employment, tax and benefits compliance (including addressing the ever-evolving Affordable Care Act)
  • Minimizing liability for wrongful termination or violation of legal standards — including the WARN Act and state equivalents — for both individual terminations and major restructures or reductions in force
  • Investigating and navigating unemployment claims, workers’ compensation claims, Americans with Disabilities Act compliance, and allegations of discrimination or harassment
Attorneys Practicing in Labor And Employment Law
Bill Adler
Senior Partner
Cristina Miller
Faraz Amirani
Zakiyah Bradford
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