Financial Institutions experience the impact of real estate laws and real estate transactions in their daily operations. This can be from leases to building purchases, fixed asset limitations, unused or REO properties. Over the years, SW&M has represented clients in multiple capacities: both lessees, who temporarily occupy a property, and lessors, who own said property, and both buyers and sellers of a property in a sale. We understand the significance of a well-negotiated lease and how it can prevent conflicts. We are experienced in all customary terms for spaces in urban and suburban markets, regional/local shopping centers and other retail facilities. This expertise provides our clients with streamlined negotiations and minimization of costs of review, while still maximizing the outcome.

Regarding property purchase and development, SW&M has advised a variety of clients on the prevention of regulatory missteps by thoroughly vetting their expansion plans and carefully structuring transactions. Fixed asset and undeveloped land regulations can be cumbersome, particularly in rapidly shifting economic environments. SW&M ensures that ownership of fixed assets rests with the appropriate entity, whether that is our client or their subsidiary.

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